Design Management: Using Design to Build Brand Value and Corporate Innovation

Design Management: Using Design to Build Brand Value and Corporate Innovation
As recent research has shown, design not only affects the exterior of an organization—its products, packaging, or identity—it can also be a powerful catalyst for interior change. The economic and financial benefits of strategic design management range from fueling a company’s innovation process and boosting supplier relationships to creating completely new markets.
In a sweeping effort to make this potential accessible, French researcher Brigitte Borja de Mozota conducted case studies with thirty-seven top international companies, design firms, and designers about their expectations toward and success with strategic design management. DESIGN MANAGEMENT presents the results of this research along with practical examples from the author's twenty years of experience as an international design manager, and within a comprehensive theoretical framework. Written for marketers, business managers, and design managers, DESIGN MANAGEMENT also features the practical tools to implement and manage design, including how to
• Define the role of the design manager in the company’s business process
• Choose a design agency that fits into your company
• Create design strategies that boost product value and service performance
• Use design to manage change and foster the innovation process
• Understand how design impacts perceived brand value, customer experience, and return on investment
Companies and leadership profiles presented in this book include campanies Alessi, BMW, Braun, Philips, IBM, Renault, Motorola, Nike, Nissan, Novo, OXO, PRADA, Ralph Lauren, RCA Thomson, Shell, and SONY; designers Philippe Starck, Sadler, Terence Conran, James Dyson, and Mark Sadler; and design consultancies Desgrippes Gobé, Siegel & Gale, FITCH, IDEO, Landor, and Lippincott & Mercer.

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