Microsoft ASP.NET and AJAX: Architecting Web Applications

Microsoft ASP.NET and AJAX: Architecting Web Applications
Rethink the way you plan, design, and build Web applications—with expert guidance from Web development luminary Dino Esposito. Whether giving legacy sites a much-needed tune-up—or architecting rich Internet applications from the ground up—you’ll learn pragmatic approaches to AJAX development that you can employ today.
Discover how to:
Delve into the mechanics and design goals of partial rendering—such as improving page-refresh speed
Use AJAX-enabled server controls to bring desktop-like functionality to Web solutions
Apply design patterns to common Web development issues, including client-side data binding
Manipulate javascript more easily using the jQuery and Microsoft AJAX libraries
Examine the interoperability and security models in Microsoft Silverlight
Weigh the tradeoffs when architecting Web applications for richness (Silverlight) vs. reach (AJAX)—and deliver the right solution for your audience
About the Author
Dino Esposito is a well-known ASP.NET, AJAX, and Microsoft Silverlight® expert who has written or co-written several popular books, including Microsoft ASP.NET and Ajax: Architecting Web Applications and Programming Microsoft ASP.NET 4. He is a regular contributor to MSDN® Magazine and speaks at industry events such as DevConnections and Microsoft TechEd.