Sculpting the Face with Scan Data (2011)

Sculpting the Face with Scan Data (2011)
This workshop focuses on the tools needed in ZBrush and in our own minds to productively use SCAN DATA as the foundation of sculpting a FACE.
The workshop looks at ZBrush’s projection toolset, ways to resculpt the mesh for more sculptural realism and tools for fitting the topology of the model perfectly to the sculpt. Along the way we explore the anatomy of the face with special attention paid to the problem areas of the orbit of the eye.
Chapter 1: Projecting Scan Data Into Organized Topology
Using a scan created with NextEngine’s compact scanner and a base mesh created in Maya we use ZBrush’s fantastic projection tools to transfer the details from the face into our sculpt and establish symmetry.
Chapter 2: Establishing Our Planes
In this chapter we fit our scan data to the rest of our base mesh. This requires a solid look at the planes of the face as not all the information we need is captured in our scan. We also bring in a skull to make sure that we are fitting everything correctly together.
Chapter 3: Analysis of the Anatomy
Here we look more specifically at the anatomy of the face, the mouth and the nose to make sure that our scan data has the structure we want as well as using the scan data to further our understanding of the face.
Chapter 4: Resculpting the Eyes
The eye is rarely captured well in scan data so this is an especially important area for us to understanding. In this chapter we look at the tools needed to create sharp, structured sculpts of the eye. Along the way we also explore how the eye fits into the eye socket and all the necessary anatomy.
Chapter 5: Refitting Topology
In this chapter we establish the final topology for the model. We use a little known tool, Reproject Higher Subdiv, to make our topology fit like a glove. Then we add mouth bags and eye bags to our character.
Chapter 6: Final Anatomy Breakdown
Chapter 6 is a lecture on the anatomy of the face that focuses on the planes, lines and forms that are important for maintaining a realistic character sculpt.
Run time: ~92 min