Masters: Earthenware: Major Works by Leading Artists

Masters: Earthenware: Major Works by Leading Artists
The newest entry in the popular Masters series presents 38 of the world’s most notable potters and sculptors—and dozens of vibrant, functional, sculptural, and figurative pieces of earthenware to explore.
Masters: Earthenware reveals the tremendous imagination, innovation, and technical facility that today’s artists bring to the oldest ceramic medium. Curated by Matthias Ostermann, a celebrated ceramist in his own right, this stunning volume gives each featured artist a mini-retrospective of approximately eight pages that showcase 12–14 of his or her best works. Illuminating comments from the creators accompany the images, outlining their development and artistic philosophy.
Marino Moretti - Alexandra - Copeland - Terry Siebert - Connie Kiener - Linda Arbuckle - Diego Romero - Christine Thacker - Stephen Bowers - Richard Slee - Richard Milette - Lisa Naples - Woody Hughes - Wynne Wilbur - Gail Kendall - Herman Muys - Paul Day - Patti Warashina - Greg Payce - Cindy Kolodziejski - and more!
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