Digital Signal Processing with Field Programmable Gate Arrays (4th edition)

Digital Signal Processing with Field Programmable Gate Arrays (4th edition)
Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are revolutionizing digital signal processing. The efficient implementation of front-end digital signal processing algorithms is the main goal of this book. It starts with an overview of today's FPGA technology, devices and tools for designing state-of-the-art DSP systems. A case study in the first chapter is the basis for more than 40 design examples throughout. The following chapters deal with computer arithmetic concepts, theory and the implementation of FIR and IIR filters, multirate digital signal processing systems, DFT and FFT algorithms, advanced algorithms with high future potential, and adaptive filters. Each chapter contains exercises. The VERILOG source code and a glossary are given in the appendices. This new edition incorporates
Over 10 new system level case studies designed in VHDL and Verilog
A new chapter on image and video processing
An Altera Quartus update and new Model Sim simulations
Xilinx Atlys board and ISIM simulation support
Signed fixed point and floating point IEEE library examples
An overview on parallel all-pass IIR filter design
ICA and PCA system level designs
Speech and audio coding for MP3 and ADPCM