Solar Radiation Applications ed. by Segun Raphael Bello

Solar Radiation Applications ed. by Segun Raphael Bello
This book presents the outcomes of selective and classic works on the optimization of these essential fields in active solar energy research.
Two essential components of solar energy which are derivable from the sun-radiant light (passive solar power) and heat (active solar powers) have been harnessed for decades using a range of continuously-evolving and cutting-edge technologies.
Such technologies include solar heating, solar photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, solar architecture and photo emitters.
Recently, there has been active research in solar energy resources due to improvements in solar panel geometry, photo-cell materials, glazing and panel orientation. Equally, more rigorous methods of modeling inter-reflections within curvilinear surfaces are now being evaluated for simplified analytical evaluations. Therefore,
1 Radiative Heat Transfer for Curvilinear Surfaces
2 Steady State Thermal Analysis of a Tri-Wing Solar Chimney
3 Performance Characteristics of Modelled Tri-Wing Solar Chimney and Adaptation to Wood Drying
4 Solar-Light-Assisted Photo-degradation of Azo Dyes Using Some Transition Metal Oxides
5 Applications of Mesoporous Ordered Semiconductor Materials — Case Study of Ti02
6 Instrumentation and Measurement of Ground-Level Ultraviolet Irradiance and Spectral Composition in Estonia
7 Development of Novel Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) System in Building Architectural Envelope
8 New Computational Techniques for Solar Radiation in Architecture
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