Transport Processes in Pharmaceutical Systems

Transport Processes in Pharmaceutical Systems
This cutting-edge reference clearly explains pharmaceutical transport phenomena, demonstrating applications ranging from drug or nutrient uptake into vesicle or cell suspensions, drug dissolution and absorption across biological membranes, whole body kinetics, and drug release from polymer reservoirs and matrices to heat and mass transport in freeze-drying and hygroscopicity.
Focuses on practical applications of drug delivery from a physical and mechanistic perspective, highlighting biological systems.
Written by more than 30 international authorities in the field, Transport Processes in Pharmaceutical Systems
discusses the crucial relationship between the transport process and thermodynamic factors
analyzes the dynamics of diffusion at liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, and liquid-cultured cell interfaces
covers prodrug design for improving membrane transport
addresses the effects of external stimuli in altering some natural and synthetic polymer matrices
examines properties of hydrogels, including synthesis, swelling degree, swelling kinetics, permeability, biocompatibility, and biodegradability
presents mass transfer of drugs and pharmacokinetics based on mass balance descriptions
and more!
Containing over 1000 references and more than 1100 equations, drawings, photographs, micrographs, and tables, Transport Processes in Pharmaceutical Systems is a must-read resource for research pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists and chemists, chemical engineers, physical chemists, and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.
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