Applied Cryptography and Network Security ed. by Jaydip Sen

Applied Cryptography and Network Security ed. by Jaydip Sen
The purpose of this book is to present some of the critical security challenges in today’s communication networks and computing and to provide insights to possible mechanisms to defend against attacks. With this objective, the book provides a collection of research work in the field of cryptography and network security by some experts in these areas.
The book contains 16 chapters which are divided into three parts.
The chapters in Part 1 of the book largely deal with security and privacy issues in computing and communication networks.
The Part 2 includes chapters which are related to the field of quantum cryptography.
The chapters dealing with the evolutionary concepts of cryptography and their applications like chaos-based cryptography and DNA cryptography are included in the Part 3 of the book.
Part 1: Security and Privacy in Computing and Communication Networks
1 Secure and Privacy-Preserving Authentication Protocols for Wireless Mesh Networks
2 Security from Location
3 Anonymous Authentication Protocols for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: An Overview
4 Security Approaches for Information-Centric Networking
5 Secure Platform Over Wireless Sensor Networks
6 Privacy-Secure Digital Watermarking for Fair Content Trading
7 NLM-MAC: Lightweight Secure Data Communication Framework Using Authenticated Encryption in Wireless Sensor Networks
8 Key Establishment Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Part 2: Quantum Cryptography
9 Quantum Cryptography
10 Quantum Key Management
11 Securing a Telecom Services Using Quantum Cryptographic Mechanisms
Part 3: Evolutionary Concepts and Techniques in Security
12 Notions of Chaotic Cryptography: Sketch of a Chaos Based Cryptosystem
13 Chaotic Electronic Circuits in Cryptography
14 An En/Decryption Machine Based on Statistical Physics
15 Modern Technologies Used for Security of Software Applications
16 Research on DNA Cryptography
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