Home Networking Demystified

Home Networking Demystified
The fast and easy way to build a home network
Learn to set up your own wired or wireless home network quickly and easily. In this step-by-step guide, Dr. Larry Long offers clear explanations of networking technologies and describes current and future home networking applications. You’ll learn to design your network, select the components, install any necessary wiring, connect to the Internet, connect PCs to the network, set up security measures, and troubleshoot your network. Once you get your home network up and running, you’ll be able take full advantage of everything it has to offer, such as shared resources including Internet access, files, and printers. Integrate digital home entertainment, play multiplayer games, and set up a virtual private network (VPN), voice over IP telephones, and other home networking applications. You’ll also get details on how home networking can complement telework. Filled with clear instructions and helpful illustrations and photos, Home Networking Demystified is your shortcut to setting up a complete home network and enjoying the benefits of an e-home.
This all-in-one book explains how to:
Plan and design a home network
Be an intelligent consumer of home networking products and services
Share resources, including an Internet connection, files, printers, videos, and images
Secure, maintain, and troubleshoot your home network
Set up digital entertainment features, VoIP telephoning, video surveillance, and telework via VPN
Dr. Larry Long, author of more than 50 computer books including Personal Computing Demystified, had a home network 15 years before anyone used the term “home networking”.