Nikon D90 For Dummies

Nikon D90 For Dummies
Use every feature of your D90, get creative, and snap great shots!
Your Nikon D90 offers professional-quality features to helpyou take your photography to the next level. Take full advantageof every one with this fun and easy guide! Understand and use all the dials and modes, manage photo size and quality, take creative control with manual settings, and share your images in print or online.
Nuts and bolts — set up your camera, work with lenses and memory cards, and use automatic photography modes
Go live — get the scoop on using Live View mode and recording and playing HD movies
Gain new shooting skills — find out how to use advanced options to capture any subject like a pro
Exposure is everything — control aperture, shutter speed, and ISO; work with Active D-Lighting; and use various flash modes
Out of the camera — download, organize, and archive your images and share them in prints, e-mails, and slide shows
Open the book and find:
Tips for taking perfect portraits, dynamic action shots, and beautiful nature pics
Techniques for manipulating color and focus
Detailed coverage of every menu option
Advice on which Custom Settings to use (and which ones to avoid)
How to choose the right Image Quality setting
Help with using Retouch menu options to fix problem photos
Easy-to-understand explanations of technical lingo
No another mirrors, please!