How to Survive Your Diet and Conquer Your Food Issues Forever

How to Survive Your Diet and Conquer Your Food Issues Forever
Are you a Diet Survivor? Maybe your whole life seems to revolve around diets and weight focus. Perhaps even attempts at intuitive eating failed. This book will help you find your own inner wisdom, and a path to normal eating.
Binge eating, emotional eating, stress eating, and just plain overeating are often made worse by dieting, not cured by it. External changes just aren't enough. That's why even intuitive eating can backfire.
Unlike willpower, the work lies instead in changing how you think about food, stress, and emotions. And happily, you can stay in the present day. No need to delve into childhood memories or deep emotions.
Using principles of cognitive therapy, you will learn to adjust the self-talk that accompanies dysfunctional eating. Self-talk such as 'I must drink this diet soda in order to get thin,' 'my children must not have junk in the house,' 'my emotional eating will never end,' and 'I can’t tolerate stress,' have little basis in reality and lead to failure.
After some work at replacing your beliefs with facts, you will start to find your own food wisdom again. Maybe you haven’t had this wisdom since you were a baby, but it’s still inside you. And you will learn to think in shades of gray, instead of the black and white thinking that is typical of folks with dysfunctional eating.
Learn how to know when you are hungry and full, and how to be a picky eater, perhaps for the first time in your life. With practice, you will find that small, perfect, delicious portions do satisfy. Just as importantly, learn how you can cope with stress and emotions without running to the refrigerator. Learn to apply your mind to rational thought.
No longer will you feel that your body has betrayed you. You will once again be able to trust your body and mind to lead you to your ideal weight. You will never again have to bow to a diet as if it were some kind of god. Instead, any diet you choose will be your slave, not your master. In fact, as you finally free yourself from your attachment to food and dieting, your body will seek its ideal weight with no formal diet at all.
Regardless of whether or not you are overweight, if you have any kind of food issues such as emotional eating, stress eating, eating in secret, exercise addiction, using food for control, night eating, diet addiction, scale addiction, or binge eating disorder, this book is for you. Eating issues are more hidden than people realize, and are not always evidenced in one’s appearance. Indeed, eating issues reside in our hearts and minds, not our stomachs.
This book is a fun, easy read that could change your life. Join the growing club of Diet Survivors.
No Other Mirrors, Please!