CGCookie: Playing with Particles Advanced

CGCookie: Playing with Particles Advanced
Genre: Video Tutorial / 3D-graphics
In this video we?ll take a look at two different topics introducing this new series related to particles. First excercise will be really simple. We?ll use PFlow to simulate a complex abstract structure created with tiny boxes, in this way using a boxed emitter and a procedural map, we?ll simulate a volume made of little geometric voxel units as you can see in the tutorial sample image.
This test will give us the possibility to move on the next topic, simulating a gas mass similar to a nebula or a galaxy in the space. We?ll use some techniques similar to the 1st scene, but we?ll see more interesting way to control galaxy shape, and then we?ll start working at basic scene setup to be ready to continue working on the look development and rendering.
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