Vicious Vixens - Mixed Martial Arts Essentials

Vicious Vixens - Mixed Martial Arts Essentials
Genre: Sport
Debi Purcell is a professional mixed martial arts fighter and is known for being a pioneer for women's MMA. She is one of the few to hold a black belt in Ruas Vale Tudo and has trained in fitness and Martial Arts for over fifteen years. Debi has wins in KOTC, Hook N Shoot and is a UWM world title belt holder, TKD Black Belt champion and as of 2005, is still undefeated in MMA. She is the founder of, WMAA (Women's Martial Arts Association) and Cardio Strike. More important than anything else is Debi's commitment and determination to breaking the barrier of women competing and fighting in the Martial Arts.
Volume 1:
Essentials and Positions This program shows the BASIC and fundamental moves and positions of Mixed Martial Arts training. Approx. 58 min. #DEBID-001
Volume 2:
Attacks and Positions This program is a take off from the Volume 1 program. It includes instruction on high kick and mid kick. Punch and kicking combos on bag and on person. Punch kick drills. Approx. 69 min. #DEBID-002
Volume 3:
Defense and Escapes This program continues the essentials from previous program's #1 and #2. Its focus is on defense and escapes. Approx. 57 min #DEBID-003
Volume 4:
Fast Submission From Every Position Includes: take down from back into reverse heel hook, flying triangle off of single leg defense. Approx. 50 min. #DEBID-004.
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