Nanoelectronic Device Applications Handbook

Nanoelectronic Device Applications Handbook
Nanoelectronic Device Applications Handbook gives a comprehensive snapshot of the state of the art in nanodevices for nanoelectronics applications. Combining breadth and depth, the book includes 68 chapters on topics that range from nano-scaled complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) devices through recent developments in nano capacitors and AlGaAs/GaAs devices. The contributors are world-renowned experts from academia and industry from around the globe.
The handbook explores current research into potentially disruptive technologies for a post-CMOS world. These include:
Nanoscale advances in current MOSFET/CMOS technology
Nano capacitors for applications such as electronics packaging and humidity sensors
Single electron transistors and other electron tunneling devices
Quantum cellular automata and nanomagnetic logic
Memristors as switching devices and for memory
Graphene preparation, properties, and devices
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs), both single CNT and random network
Other CNT applications such as terahertz, sensors, interconnects, and capacitors
Nano system architectures for reliability
Nanowire device fabrication and applications
Nanowire transistors
Nanodevices for spintronics
The book closes with a call for a new generation of simulation tools to handle nanoscale mechanisms in realistic nanodevice geometries.
This timely handbook offers a wealth of insights into the application of nanoelectronics. It is an invaluable reference and source of ideas for anyone working in the rapidly expanding field of nanoelectronics.