Classical Guitar For Dummies

Classical Guitar For Dummies
Want to be a classical guitarist but never had a lesson?
Want to be a classical guitarist, but never had a lesson? No problem — this hands-on guide teaches you all the fundamental techniques you need to play scales, melodies, and full-length pieces in the classical style. You get plenty of practice exercises to stretch your skills, selections from the classical repertoire, and a bonus audio CD that helps you play along with the music pieces from the book!
Get acquainted with your guitar — familiarize yourself with the unique make-up and parts of a classical guitar
Start making some music — play melodies on individual strings, move on to arpeggios, and get your fingers in shape with scales
Ramp up your technique — play barres, slurs, and trills; handle harmonics; master right-hand tremolo; and venture up the neck to play in the higher positions
Build your classical repertoire — from Renaissance and Baroque to Classical, Romantic, and Modern, play pieces from the major eras in classical music
Practice makes perfect — improve your performance with expert guidance through each exercise and piece in the book
Open the book and find:
Tips and techniques for playing beautiful pieces
How to read music notation and tablature
Basic finger and thumb strokes
Right- and left-hand techniques
Musical examples, charts, and photos
Music pieces from the guitar greats
The best ways to care for your guitar
A step-by-step tutorial on changing your strings
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