Oligomerization of Chemical and Biological Compounds ed. by Claire Lesieur

Oligomerization of Chemical and Biological Compounds ed. by Claire Lesieur
This book is interdisciplinary, it covers fields from organic chemistry to mathematics, and raises different aspects of oligomerization.
It is a great source of information as every chapter introduces general knowledge and deep details. Mixing communities is to instigate novel ideas and hopefully help looking at oligomerization with new eyes.
1 End-capped Oligomers of Ethylene, Olefins and Dienes, by means of Coordinative Chain Transfer Polymerization using Rare Earth Catalysts
2 The Use of Ionic Liquids in the Oligomerization of Alkenes
3 Silk Fiber — Molecular Formation Mechanism, Structure- Property Relationship and Advanced Applications
4 Ethylene Oxide Homogeneous Heterobifunctional Acyclic Oligomers
5 Higher Oligomeric Surfactants — From Fundamentals to Applications
6 Oligomerization of Nucleic Acids and Peptides under the Primitive Earth Conditions
7 Oligomerization of Biomacromolecules – Example of RNA Binding Sm/LSm Proteins
8 Protein Oligomerization
9 Oligomerization of Proteins and Neurodegenerative Diseases
10 Structure and Function of Stefin B Oligomers – Important Role in Amyloidogenesis
11 The Assembly of Protein Oligomers — Old Stories and New Perspectives with Graph Theory
12 Geometry and Topology in Protein Interfaces - Some Tools for Investigations
13 From Tilings to Fibers – Bio-mathematical Aspects of Fold Plasticity
14 Characterization of Some Periodic Tiles by Contour Words
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