Tomato Container Gardening: The Easy Way To Grow Tomatoes In A Small Space

Tomato Container Gardening: The Easy Way To Grow Tomatoes In A Small Space
Even if you are not blessed with a large garden, growing tomatoes in containers or small spaces means that you are still able to enjoy the crisp sweet taste of home-grown tomatoes. In fact even with basic DIY skills you can either build your own tomato containers, or modify other existing containers to suit tomato growing ambitions.
The fact is though that all kinds of plants can be grown in small spaces or containers, tomatoes being the one highlighted in this work. Home grown tomatoes are a world away from the ones available in the supermarkets today, in both appearance and flavour. The watery bland tomatoes that are often on offer in the store, just cannot compare with the crisp firm juiciness of a fresh tomato plucked straight from the vine.
Do you have the space for a plant pot, and a nice sunny space to put it in? If so, then you too can grow your own tomatoes!
Here is a short list of what is included in this publication:
• Top reasons for growing tomatoes in containers
• What you need to know to get started
• Best compost mix for your containers
• How to choose the best tomato plants
• Planting your tomatoes
• How to care for your tomatoes
• Pest control and what to look out for
If you are keen on growing your own tomatoes in containers, and looking for some good tips to make the process that bit easier (why wouldn’t you be!) then this is the book for you. I hope you enjoy reading it, and go on to growing your own juicy tomatoes.