Yoga Journal: Yoga for Morning, Noon & Night - Jason Crandell

Yoga Journal: Yoga for Morning, Noon & Night - Jason Crandell
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Yoga for Morning, Noon & Night contains three short yoga practices, specially created by noted yoga teacher Jason Crandell, to boost energy, gain strength and reduce stress.
This practice is aimed at the gradual awakening of the body and mild increase in energy.
This practice is Intended to boost Energy, BUT IT is designed to allow the body to awaken Gradually. The practice starts on the floor in child's pose and moves on to shoulder stretches, a simple seated twist, and cat / cow stretches for the spine. Down dog and standing forward bend follow, and then eagle arms in chair pose provides an additional stretch for the shoulders. Next comes a series of sun salutations: two half sun salutations, two full sun salutations, and then several additional rounds adding the mild backbends locust and cobra. This is followed by a series of standing postures (warrior 2, triangle, side angle), first performed all on one side, then the other. Th practice concludes with wide-angle standing forward bend and mountain pose.
practice at noon is designed to reduce the level of physical and mental stress; Krandell argues that it
is the most energetic of the three methods. It begins with three rounds of Sun Salutation and ends shavasana.
The practice is designed Noon to foster strength; Crandell States That IT is the Most vigorous of the Three Practices. It opens with three rounds of sun salutations followed by eagle arms to stretch the shoulders. Next comes an additional three rounds of sun salutations, this time ending with warrior one and revolved warrior. After using one additional sun salutation to transition to the floor, Crandell flows through a series of mild backbends, including locust, cobra, bow, and upright pigeon. Downward dog is used as a transition onto the back for bridge pose, and then this practice concludes with thread the needle and savasana.
This latter practice is aimed at reducing stress. It begins in the supine position with legs stretching with the belt and ends with a brief meditation in a sitting position. Krandell says that this practice will help prepare your body for a restful sleep, reducing ...
This practice is designed Final to reduce stress. It begins on the floor for a reclined leg stretch using a strap and then moves into a reclined twist. All of the remaining postures are seated, although down dog is performed in between some of the poses. The first series includes a simple twist, a side bend, and cross-legged forward bend. Next is cow face pose (legs only), half lord of the fishes, and cobbler's pose. The final seated postures are forward bends, including head-to-knee pose (adding a twist), revolved side angle, and wide angle forward bend. This practice ends with a brief seated meditation. Crandell says that this practice will help to prepare yo
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