The smart readers guide to sexy writing

The smart readers guide to sexy writing
Instructed by Dr. Val Rendel Lifestyle
Seduce your friends and impress your enemies with your knowledge of erotic literature, & be inspired to write your own!
Whether you loved 50 Shades or Grey or hated it, its popularity has sparked a new interest in sex writing. This course provides an overview of 10 must-read classic works of erotic literature to read in addition to/instead of what's popular right now. From the Kama Sutra to some surprising fairy takes (by a surprising author), you'll find out which books best suit your tastes, and why they are important. The course includes a mini-lesson for those who want to write and/or get paid for writing their own sexy stories…either truth or fiction.
There will be no torn bodices or heaving bosoms here - this is a serious course about serious literature about human sexuality throughout history. But you do get to read the dirty bits.
By the time you complete this course, you'll be able to impress your enemies and seduce your friends with some of the sexiest lines in literature. You'll be able to explain the difference between pornography and erotica to anyone, even your mom. And you'll know what current erotic writing markets are looking for, and where to submit your own sexy stories and poems.
If you're curious about the course (and I know you are), check out some of the free preview lessons. Then get ready to go all the way, and enroll in the course now!
Satisfaction guaranteed.
What are the requirements?
*Be warned: this course may hold the record among all Udemy courses for containing the greatest amount of profanity.
*It's all very professional.
What am I going to get from this course?
*Over 16 lectures and 57 mins of content!
*Seduce, impress, or embarrass others with some of the sexiest lines in literature.
*Spice up your own romantic life with a little classic inspiration.
*Write and submit your own erotic work to publishers.
What is the target audience?
*This course is ideal for those who enjoy reading about sex, and who want to write and publish their own sex writing.
*The course is also ideal for people who enjoy reading about sex, and who may be starting to think about writing erotic stories for their own pleasure.
*Also for people who simply enjoy reading about sex.
*Or for anybody who likes sex at all.