Watch Me: A Memoir

Watch Me: A Memoir
We left Anjelica Houston at the LA Airport in part one of her memoir, where she and her recent love had split. This was a very uncomfortable time, but Anjelica knew it was necessary. She moved on living in her father's girlfriend's home. She went into modeling again, and then tried her hand at acting. She had had a terrible experience working with her father in a film, but she loved acting, and she took some classes. Several wonderful films were made in her film career and she won an Oscar in 'Prizzi's Honor'. Her family included a sister and two brothers. Several with different mothers. But this was the way of her father. Her childhood was one of privilege, but she lost her mother early in life due to an accident. Her father was an enormous star and difficult to deal with . She loved him, but he was not around very often. Anjelica was of the age in the 60's and 70's where women were starting to come into their own. They were more independent, finding their way as was Angelica.
Much of this memoir centers around her years with Jack Nicholson. A charming ladies man,,great actor, and she fell madly in love. The ladies man was a big issue, and even though they spent many years together,she found she could never trust him. They eventually split when he had a child with another woman. Anjelica filled her life with friends and work. And then she met a man, Robert Graham, a famous sculptor. Love turned to marriage and probably the happiest part of her life. In the interim her father had died, and she and the family mourned him. Life with Bob was fabulous, travel and exciting times. And then he too died, unexpectedly. Anjelica was again, alone.
She has picked up the pieces and moved on with her career. She has friends and family. Her life it seems, has been one of love and loss, extreme highs and lows. This second part of her memoir gives us more insight into her psyche, but mostly includes her famous friends and fashions, and foods, countries and parties. It seems she must have kept a diary, and her memoir is based on the times and events. Rather moving at times, and well written. This is Anjelica's life and the way she wants to share it. A favorite phrase that Anjelica repeats seems to me to fit her life. 'In hunting, when you face an obstacle, throw your heart over before jumping.'
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