Sculpting Hard Surfaces, Armor and Repetitive Patterns (2010)

Sculpting Hard Surfaces, Armor and Repetitive Patterns (2010)
This workshops focuses on three distinct requirements of sculpting characters: hard surface mech sculpting, sharp edged medieval armor sculpting and creating repeating patterns like chain mail. Each of these tasks is performed every day at game companies to create the characters we see in games today.
We begin this workshop with an in-depth look at ZBrush's new hard surface sculpting toolset and the concepts behind it. We then move onto our first armor project where we learn how to use the Move brush to create sharp edges and create tileable, repeating patterns like chain mail. Finally, we move onto our second iteration of the armor project and look at creating individual parts and adding more detail.
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Hard Surface Sculpting Toolset
We will look over the hard surface sculpting toolset in ZBrush and the features that make it work: Picker palette, Samples, Depth, BackTrack and more.
Chapter 2: Hard Surface Workflow Part 1
Put these tools to work in an organized workflow starting with Trim Dynamic, then moving onto Trim adaptive, then Trim Front.
Chapter 3: Hard Surface Workflow Part 2
Look at the Polish brush and how we can use it to finish our sculpt.
Chapter 4: Armor Project: Brush Overview
An overview of the entire workshop and then delves right into the core of ZBrush's brush system. Understanding the brush system is essential to putting you in the driver's seat and getting the most out of ZBrush.
Chapter 5: Armor Project: Extracting Parts
Use Mesh Extraction to create a base mesh for our sculpting. We look at how to get the most out of Mesh Extraction and its topology.
Chapter 6: Armor Project: Creating Tiled Repeating Patterns
First look at how to create repetative patterns. We explore the main problems faced when sculpting patterns and how to overcome them using UVs.
Chapter 7: Armor Project: Repeating Patterns: Chain Mail
Look at how to create tileable chain mail using ZBrush and Photoshop. To do this we create a 3D piece of chain mail that we convert into a 2D alpha.
Chapter 8: Armor Project: Creating 3D from a 2D Drawing
Learn to use QuickSketch and GroupsLoops to convert a 2D drawing to 3D geometry. We also explore the tools you will need to take advantage of GroupsLoops automatic topology.
Chapter 9: Armor Project: ZSketch for Ornamental Work
Use ZSketch to create an ornamental arm guard and look at the brushes that will help us quickly establish its planar quality. We also use Transpose to position it and adjust its shape to fit our model.
Chapter 10: Armor Project: Creating Sharp Edges
Create the chest plating and make great use of a little used but very powerful feature of ZBrush's brush system.
Chapter 11: Armor Project: Damaging the Surface
Learn to add ornamentation to our chest plates, dings, dents and a 'worn' look using Surface Noise.
Chapter 12: Armor Project: Baking a Material into a Map
Learn how to bake a material into a texture map to use in another program, such as Maya.
Chapter 13: Armor Project 2: Overview of Workflow
Overview of the tools used to create the armor for our second project.
Chapter 14: Armor Project 2: Detailing Parts
Create the thigh guard using ZBrush primitives, Move brush, Cavity Masking and finally the often forgotten about feature, Difference Mesh.
Chapter 15: ZSphere Details
Brief look at using ZSpheres to add detail work to our character.
Chapter 16: More 3D from 2D
Create more 3D geometry from 2D shapes to add some latches to our character's armor.
Run time: ~4 hours
Author: Ryan Kingslien