Jack the Ripper - the Secret Police Files

Jack the Ripper - the Secret Police Files
For over a decade retired British police murder squad detective Trevor Marriott has been re investigating the Whitechapel murders of 1888 which were attributed to the fearsome killer known as Jack the Ripper.
He discovered secret Metropolitan Police Special Branch records going back to 1888 which had never before been made public which contained new evidence on the case, along with the names of four new police ripper suspects never before mentioned throughout the 125 years of Ripper investigations.
His investigation uncovered new evidence which now suggests many of the original accepted theories surrounding this mystery have been wrong for over 125 years. Marriott now firmly believes that the killer did not remove the organs from the victims at the crime scenes as has been previously thought. He assembled a specialist medical team in an attempt disprove this theory. Further new evidence gathered also now eliminates some of the prime suspects who have been continuously investigated for the past 125 years
As a result of new evidence gathered Trevor Marriott now concludes that all of the victims may not have been killed by the same person and that the legend of Jack the Ripper is nothing more than an urban myth created by a member of the press in 1888.